Welcome traveler, are you curious about this website? Here I hope to satisfy you!

What is GW2Services.com?

GW2Services.com is an experiment born from the union of my passions: web-programming, data maniac and Guild Wars.
I started playingGuild Wars on 2007, and eagerly waited Guild Wars 2. On 2011 I learnt PHP and built some websites ( among which, the most visited is www.cityvillelinkexchange.com ). When I heard about GW2 API I was thrilled by the possibility to gather data and statistics from the game elaborate them and represent them in some useful and interesting way. So I started to study the API documentation on the GW2Wiki (completing missing pieces on documentation), and building this website from what I learnt.

The website is far from be completed, there is still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of work is waiting the OAuth GW2 API.

Where can I find you?

If you want to contact me, give me suggestions or ask me a question, you can contact me in game and on the official forum, my account name is Alcarin.9024, and my characters in game use Alcarin as surname. I'm also reachable on GW2 Wiki as Alcarin.

This website is not affiliated with ArenaNet. Images used on this website are artistic rework of fantastic pieces of art made by ArenaNet Artists. This website use Guild Wars 2 APIs to gather information from the game, and keep those information continuously up-to-date.

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