This is the list of all 2023 Crafting Materials available in Guild Wars 2.
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Name Description
Omnomberry Ingredient
Carrot Ingredient
Potato Ingredient
Bag of Flour Ingredient
Glass of Buttermilk Ingredient
Stick of Butter Ingredient
Tomato Ingredient
Onion Ingredient
Egg Ingredient
Snow Truffle Ingredient
Mushroom Ingredient
Packet of Baking Powder Ingredient
Packet of Yeast Ingredient
Packet of Salt Ingredient
Bag of Sugar Ingredient
Jug of Water Ingredient
Jar of Vinegar Ingredient
Jar of Vegetable Oil Ingredient
Cheese Wedge Ingredient
Beet Ingredient
Turnip Ingredient
Head of Garlic Ingredient
Apple Ingredient
Ball of Dough Ingredient
Bowl of Staple Soup Vegetables Ingredient
Bowl of White Frosting Ingredient
Bowl of Baker's Dry Ingredients Ingredient
Bowl of Baker's Wet Ingredients Ingredient
Pasta Noodles Ingredient
Jar of Tomato Sauce Ingredient
Bowl of Sage Stuffing Ingredient
Bowl of Tangy Sautee Mix Ingredient
Bottle of Ascalonian Dressing Ingredient
Bottle of Simple Dressing Ingredient
Pile of Cinnamon and Sugar Ingredient
Pile of Salt and Pepper Ingredient
Pile of Simple Stew Herbs Ingredient
Pile of Ascalonian Herbs Ingredient
Pile of Tangy Seasoning Ingredient
Cup of Banana Cream Pie Filling Ingredient
Chocolate Bar Ingredient
Green Bean Ingredient
Vanilla Bean Ingredient
Bell Pepper Ingredient
Black Peppercorn Ingredient
Black Bean Ingredient
Head of Lettuce Ingredient
Kidney Bean Ingredient
Celery Stalk Ingredient
Spinach Leaf Ingredient
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