This is the list of all 68 Alcohol available in Guild Wars 2.
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Name Description
Flask of Ooze Spirits
Stein of Golden Ale
Stein of Ale
Vial of Hylek Absinthe
Stein of Halla's Mighty Brew
Stein of Darkbrown Ale
Bottle of Experimental Ooze Booze
Stein of Amber Ale
Flask of Raptor Juice
Bottle of Sunken Wine
Flask of Firewater
Bottle of Victoria's Red Wine
Bottle of Barradin Family Wine
Stein of Light Ale
Flask of Meatoberfest Ale
Bottle of Putrid Wine
Bottle of Red Wine
Stein of Celebratory Drink
Bottle of Standard Research Issue Aged Wine
Bottle of Remi-Trundle Lager
Bottle of Silent Liqueur Triple distilled in silence. You shake the bottle, but hear nothing.
Bottle of Rice Wine
Bottle of Juniberry Gin
Stein of Hunter's Ale
Jug of Hard Apple Cider
Bottle of Wine
Stein of Ancient Dwarven Ale
Flask of Blood Whiskey
Draught of Hunter's Ale
Jug of Friesson's Ale
Stein of Highlander Beer
Jug of Martini
Bottle of Vintage Wine
Stein of Cold Beer
Jug of Confiscated Booze
Stein of Celebratory Beer
Stein of Brackwater Ale
Flask of Special Reserve Blood Whiskey
Stein of Hearty Ale
Stein of Stout Ale
Flask of Gladiator Swill
Flask of Recovered Brew
Jug of Moletariate Cocktail
Jug of Hard Apple Cider
Mug of Cragstead Red
Stein of Snow Leopard Stout
Bottle of Raven's Best
Stein of Ancient Deldrimor Ale
Stein of Kyesjard Special Reserve
Bottle of Ancient Orrian Wine
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