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Are you a webmaster? With Tooltip API you will be able to have GW2 Services tooltips in your website very easly!

Add the following code to your pages (preferably as the last <script> tag in the page) to enable GW2Services Tooltip API functionality.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async="async"></script>

Links pointing to will automatically have the tooltip.

<a href="">Eternity</a>


To find the link to the item you want, browse our item database or use Search or Search Single Item tools to open the page of the desired item, URL of that page can be used to create tooltips.

GW2Services Tooltip API allow also to embed the tooltip inside your pages as shown below:


How to embed tooltips? It's very easy, you just need to add "gw2s-embed" as a class of the link:

<a class="gw2s-embed" href="">Eternity</a>

The link will be automatically replaced with the tooltip.

You don't want to create tooltips for every link or you want to modify the class used by the API? You can modify class names putting the following code inside your page:

<script type="text/javascript">

Declared option will overwrite default API configuration, so you could overwrite only 1 option, or you could overwrite them both.

Why use GW2Services Tooltip API?

Because you can give up-to-date information about items simply creating a link, info inside the tooltip will be updated costantly thanks to GW2 API. Inside the tooltip you have also some very useful link, to official Wiki, GW2 Spidy, links to share that item to Facebook/Twitter/Google+, and you also have in-chat item link. A lot of features added as easly as to put a link to your website!

Feedback? Suggestions? Problems? Leave a comment below!

Tooltip API F.A.Q.

What if item name change? I have to change every links to that item?

Only item_id is taken in consideration to identify items. Item name could be wrong or not present, Tooltip API will work, and the linked page will be a redirect to the correct one. So you could simply use href like and don't care at all about item name.

I have problem with my page's javascript after including Tooltip API, what I have to do?

Instead of including API script tag in your HTML, try to load API file with javascript including the following code at the end of your javascript (in a place where all your code is already been executed by the browser).

(function() {
        var script_tag = document.createElement('script');
        script_tag.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
        script_tag.setAttribute("src", "");
        (document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0] || document.documentElement).appendChild(script_tag);

If this doesn't solve your problem, please leave a comment below and I'll help you solving the problem.

"Items custom list" is a personalized list of Guild Wars 2 items, you are able to pick as many items you want and build a list that displays all info available for each item. What you could do with such a list? Here some examples:

  • Track your collection
  • List items you need (in example to build your legendary or your ascended weapon/armor)
  • Track your investment (although it's not yet possible to specify a quantity for each item)
  • Track items dropped by a particular mob
  • List items needed for a build

There are 2 types of list available: link-bound list and saved list.

Link-bound lists are created with "Build Link" button, and have the following features:

  • Are available to everyone
  • Can have a maximum of 320 items
  • Items list is encoded in the URL, so:
    • everyone with the link can see the list
    • list is modifiable only modifying the URL

Saved lists are created with "Save List" button (visible only to registered users), and have the following features:

  • Are available only to logged-in users
  • Don't have a limit of items
  • Can have a name
  • An unique link is created for each list
  • Can be modified without URL change
  • Can be set as private, so only the creator of the list can see it
  • Public lists are listed in a dedicated page
  • Creator can see created lists

Create now your list here!

Other recent updates to the website:

  • Added list of items with the same skin of displayed item (below item info)
  • Solved some problem with login (Please let me know if you have any problem logging in!)
  • Added Disqus comments on blog posts
  • Better format of list of item in "Search single item" tool
  • Better presentation of items news, now each item have his image and a short description

Do you have some feedback or suggestion? Please leave a comment below or write me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!

Today we published a new section of the website where will be listed all items added or modified in our database.

To get last updates without opening the website, you could use our RSS feed, or following GW2 Services Facebook page, Twitter account or Google+ page.

New items are added in the database within 10 minutes after the discovery (new items are available on GW2 API after that someone in game take that item). Modified items are discovered within 7 days. Rss feed is built once per day, with the list of all new and modified items discovered, so your RSS reader won't be flooded in case of a big update.

There is a new section below each item's page. This section have a dedicated (and different) menu for each item, new options will be available in future, for now there are 3:

  • Links: there is a list of useful links related to the item. Let me know if you think will be useful other links!
  • GW2 API: here you can get "in real time" the content of official wiki. Real time mean that an API call will be made as soon as GW2 Services page is opened.
  • Applied To: available only for "Upgrade Components" items (Sigils, Runes, etc...), show the list of items that can be found with that item applied to.

Other few minor updates:

  • Reorganized the homepage to show more direct links, including one to Blog section.
  • On the page of a single item, below item info, it is visible the date of the last sync with GW2 API. The time is shown with your PC Timezone. is in active development, and new features (big and small) are added every week, so I was thinking: how to inform visitors about new features?
So I decided to create a Blog section on the website, because unlike a "news" section, a Blog give more freedom regarding the content of informations.

Blog posts are automatically shared on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and a RSS Feed is available, so you can get last updates through the media you like more!

Please, don't hesitate to let me know what you think about trough the up mentioned social networks. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and criticism!